Mistress Mildred  

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Land: Germany Berlin Berlin
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Geschlecht Weiblich
Alter 26
Größe 5.6 (170 cm)
Gewicht 50 kg(110 lbs)
Haar Rot
Augen Grün
Schamhaar Rasiert
Brüste Groß
Ethnische Herkunft Weiß
Sprachen Spanisch,deutsch,englisch,esperanto,franzözisch
Heimatstadt Berlin
Über mich
Let yourself be guided by my strict yet angelical voice while I force you to do everything I please with the mere use of my voice. I can’t wait to force you to drink copious amounts of alcohol, touch yourself for me, forcing yourself to put make up on and standing next to a window so your neighbours can see what a dirty little slut you are. While I do this, I will be sitting in my sofa and have one of my slaves massage my feet as I drink a glass of wine (or blood).

If I like you enough, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that gets to be my victim one day, in person…
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